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Nationale Zorgreserve
A strong familiar brand for the Nationale Zorgreserve (care reserve)
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The health care industry struggles with a capacity shortage, especially in times of crisis. That is why the Ministry of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sports focused on creating a National Care Reserve. A reserve army of care professionals that is standing by to help in times of need. A wonderful initiative of tremendous social importance. We are very proud to have been able to help them build a strong foundation for their communication.

The request

Care professionals are under enormous stress today. So, there was no time to lose, and we made haste in introducing the Nationale Zorgreserve. The brand name already existed, but name awareness was still quite low. Another thing that was missing was a recognizable and unambiguous brand that poignantly introduces the story behind and the urgent need for the Nationale Zorgreserve. We had the privilege of developing this brand, including a grand recruitment campaign.

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Our approach

In order to really know and understand the challenge, the organization, and the target groups, we needed to gather and sift through all the essential information in a brand session with their project team. We translated this into the identity and brand values of the organization and one profile sketch of two personas: ageing care workers and retirees in the care sector.

The insight we acquired provided a clear direction for the visual identity and the brand concept. Together with the project team, we explored the possibilities for use of color, style, and typography. We supplied four logo proposals, and they almost immediately and unanimously chose one. One powerful brand image that symbolizes that the heart of health care has never stopped beating, along with a shield as a symbol of time-tested protection.

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On to the next step - the communication concept. We crafted that on one of the most important promises of the Nationale Zorgreserve: if you sign up, you will be part of a warm community of reserve care professionals who are here for you, so you can be there for others in times of need. 'With each other, for each other' We convey this concept message in combination with a strong image of care professionals and reservists (who can be identified by their coats over their arms) who together, form one heart-warming team.


The new logo and the communication concept created a solid foundation for a successful recruitment campaign. This campaign completely revolved around the website we created for them, nationalezorgreserve.nl. Here, potential health care reserve troops can obtain information, sign up and read all the candid stories told by other reservists who are happy to share their experiences.

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Online marketer Raoul: “We generated traffic to the website with a whole range of resources, based on a smart media strategy with two tracks: brand awareness and regional recruitment. The media mix included a social media campaign, a Google display campaign, advertisements in major regional newspapers and a radio commercial with Sabine Uitslag.”

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The goal of the campaign was twofold: on the one hand to create as much reach and awareness as possible, and to get 10 applicants per week per region (South Holland province and Twente) on the other. As a result of the national campaign with print, radio and online advertisements, the Nationale Zorgreserve was introduced to millions of people as the number one place to register as a reserve care professional. The recruitment campaign also achieved a great result with a total of 175 applicants in eight weeks (the target was 160). Mission accomplished.

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