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A career full of satisfying work. You wish that for everyone. But how can you ensure that employees start working on long-lasting employability? With 'Lekker Bezig', of course! The practical total approach of Centraal Beheer. Time to launch a campaign.

The challenge

Centraal Beheer has developed a new proposition: Lekker Bezig. A total approach for long-lasting employability with a handy app with which employees can gain insight into their development on their own. After a successful pilot phase, it was time to introduce Lekker Bezig on the market. The goal? More leads and at the same time, to learn as much as possible in order to optimize the service.

What was Emotion's task? To develop a communication concept to properly introduce Lekker Bezig, to help design the conversion funnel and based on this, to launch a campaign focussed on HR professionals.

Our approach

For an engaging creative concept, we immersed ourselves in the primary target audience: HR Managers. No one needs to explain to them how important the topic of long-lasting employability is. That's their job! We therefore address their expertise and their intrinsic need to help employees continue to grow. Based on this, the key message rolled out: Help tomorrow's employee get started today! The campaign image with dynamic arrows is symbolic for the road to be taken towards long-lasting employability.

During a work session, we dissected the conversion tunnel together. What kind of content does the target group yearn for and at which moments? Based on that, we developed a range of communication tools, including an animation video in which we explain Lekker Bezig in 1 minute.

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After three weeks of campaigning, we’ve seen a considerable rise in the number of visitors to the website (+300%) and the number of brochure requests (+1400%). As well as an increase in the number of requests from employers who are interested in knowing more about Lekker Bezig. The campaign is working! The campaign has also supplied much useful knowledge about the sectors that Lekker Bezig appeals to and the channels through which the target group can best be reached. Great insights that we can learn a lot from and use as a foundation to build on. In short: Lekker Bezig!

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