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Kollekt launches new positioning
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Kollekt is a premium clothing brand for men who have slightly higher standards. Developed by two seasoned veterans of the fashion world who believed men's fashion could be better. All their attention is devoted to designing and producing clothes with an exceptional fit, extreme comfort and beautiful designs that stand out with unique detailing. The brand didn't always get the attention it deserved, and they lacked a clear, consistent brand strategy. We were asked to develop this.

The challenge

Kollekt is a leader in high quality, functional and innovative men's attire. Yet, this unique quality had somehow faded into the background. Firstly, because Kollekt didn't have the same name recognition as the major fashion brands like G-star and Drykorn, but also because there was no clear claim to give Kollekt a unique market position. Time for a new, strong brand positioning so that more consumers and retailers will see Kollekt as the unique, incredible clothing brand that it is.

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Our approach

At Kollekt, everything revolves around the product. And you can really feel this. The clothes have a great fit, feel comfortable and are made to last for years. This has always been emphasized in the communication and has therefore become somewhat perfunctory. Time to inject a little more emotion into the story that better relates to the target group! Who are these consumers? What does Kollekt mean to them? What motivates them to buy the brand and what role does the brand play in their lives?

They primarily want a clothing brand that stands out from the rest - this is what we learned from interviews with customers. A brand with which they express how progressive and different they are. Just a tad different from everyone else, without exaggerating. A brand that is certainly not mainstream, but exclusive and unique. And that's where there is room for progress in their claim. And that is also the core of the brand story we wrote for them, which we summarized with the tagline Like no other.

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With this, we immediately created a solid new mental brand. We started working on the visual brand. We sharpened the logo, chose colors and typography, created a clear line in the visual language and developed a campaign concept to introduce the new Kollekt on the market.

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The result

The mental and visual brands are bundled in one brand book that forms the emotional and graphic foundation for the new Kollekt and offers clear handles and guidelines for all future communication. Result: a clear positioning with a unique claim and one, uniform consistent style that better relates to the target group and which will ensure more brand awareness in the long term

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"Thanks to Emotion, we as a company have a better understanding of how our product speaks to our target group and touches them emotionally. Emotion has given our brand identity as a Dutch clothing brand a completely new tailor-made jacket.”

Like to know more?

Like to know about this case or would you like to get started with something similar? Give Franklin a call. He'd be happy to tell you all about it.

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