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A strong, meaningful brand
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To help as many people as possible stay mentally healthy. That's Mindfit's mission. Mental health on the basis of positive psychology and under an individual's own direction. To achieve this mission, you need a strong brand that clearly, consistently, and distinctly explains who you are and what you believe in. We can help with that.


Mindfit scores high on the Dutch health card - an 8.9. Safe to say its services are in good shape. What's more, the organization has also put of a lot of energy into defining its own identity lately. The organization is flourishing. And that is also why they need to evolve their brand. Time for renewal. Their request ? To help them take the next step in renewing their brand. With a fresh communication concept and new, vibrant visual identity.

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Our approach

Openly discussing psychological problems is a big taboo among Dutch people. 18% even say that they are completely unable to talk about psychological problems. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove this taboo from talking about psychological disorders? What if we start to see talking about these problems not as a weakness but as a vital first step towards resilience, healing, and mental health? A step that will not only help you but may also inspire others to do the same. That is premise on which we based our new communication concept.

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The power in you

We all have the power within us to overcome adversity. Mindfit helps people tap into and harness that power so that they progress on their own. “Precisely these people are key to the new communication concept,” says our creative concept-man Daan. “Normal people, like you and me, who are busy with 'normal' things in their day-to-day lives. Something that they may have struggled with before, is now experienced as pleasant, as something that gives them energy. We thereby show them that it is really normal to seek help when you need it. That you can even be proud of that.”

Photography also played an important role in this journey. The new concept images form the core of their new visual identity, combined with vibrant, fresh colors that lend the visual language its own unique character and create extra brand awareness. We recorded the communication concept and the visual identity in a brand book, and these formed the foundation of the new website mindfit.nl.

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With the new communication concept and updated visual identity, Mindfit has been given breath of fresh air. Now the brand is once again a proper representation of what Mindfit is and what they want to achieve.

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Judith Weijgers, Marketing Advisor at Mindfit:
“We have received enthusiastic responses from our practitioners, the client council, and Works Council. Our compliments!”

It is our great privilege to work for organizations that also want to continue to grow. Would you like to know more about the approach we took for Mindfit? Communication Advisor Mieke is happy to explain more.

Mieke, Communicatieadviseur
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