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Two new brands for two upstanding VMBO schools
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Edison College, Sprengeloo and Veluws College Cortenbosch. Three VMBO schools in Apeldoorn that will be continuing as two schools. With two completely new brands. And that is exactly what we were asked to do for them. Distinct, modern, and fully relevant to students, parents, and teachers.


The two new schools are complementary to each other. Where for four years, students at each school can discover what they enjoy, which they can then pursue at the other school for two years in the direction that suits them best. Our challenge? Emphasize the distinction but position the schools on the market as one family. With two separate styles that still coincide.

Sfeerbeeld UDO UGO 2

Our approach

Together with an energized project team consisting of staff from the three schools, we held three different brand sessions to define the identities of both schools. At the same time, we explored the possibilities for visual language, use of color, tone of voice and typography to be used. We did this with a test panel made up of enthusiastic students, of course. And from there, the UDO and the UGO were born.

Typografie UDO UGO
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Let's do it

“With UDO (You do) and UGO (You go), we created two unique brands that are still inseparably connected. In a dynamic style that fits young students, their creativity, and their unbridled energy. Different from the often rather businesslike names used in education,” says our copywriter Mart.

The colors of the logo have been carried through to the form language that, together with the visual language, creates their visual identity. In the visual language, we clearly focus on 'learning', 'doing’, and 'discovering'. We centrally feature the students, their curiosity and their talents with colorful settings that accurately represent the atmosphere at both schools.

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The brands are clearly defined and form the basis for all kinds of introductory resources, including two brand-new websites. Both websites are fully geared towards the visitors: the potential students of UDO and UGO and their parents who pay the bill. We cannot wait to see them again at the two new schools. Let’s go!

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Katja Hogenes, PR & Communication Advisor: “We asked for something that was different from anything else. And that's what we got. Our compliments to the Emotion team for two really great brands.”

Like to know more?

Would you also like to start building your brand? Or would you like to know more about this case? Please contact Mieke. She knows all the ins and outs.

Mieke, Communicatieadviseur
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