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Emotion is a Great Place to Work

Even when we first started back in 2004, one thing was sure: we wanted to be a great place to work. A great, inspiring place that's all about hard work, fun and love for the business. A place that feels a little like home. And the very good news is that we now have official confirmation that we are a great place to work. We have officially been certified as a Great Place To Work.

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Above-average score

For 35 years, Great Place To Work has been measuring the level of trust at companies in over 60 countries. It is the premier certificate for companies where employees feel appreciated, are energized by the work, feel involved in the key decisions and work together well. It is issued to employers who score above average on a study which was anonymously completed by its own employees and covers a number of topics.

People-centered agency

As our Director of HRM, Sylvia has been working to create a great place to work ever since she started here six years ago. Sylvia: “With our Think Human positioning, we present ourselves as a people-centered agency. Towards our clients, of course, but especially towards our own people. This means that we aim to be the kind of place you really enjoy being, where you can do what you excel at and where you can feel most energized. That is why we work with a Talent Motivation Analysis (TMA) which really enables us to pinpoint where everyone's interests lie. What makes you really happy? Once we know what that is, we can work towards it.”


Being a great place to work all revolves around your own people, of course. “So, we really want to get that recognition from them,” says Sylvia. “I heard about Great Place To Work a number of years ago. My immediate thought was what a great way to find out how we are doing. Over the past few years, we have worked hard on the topics that are touched on, including onboarding, trust, and job satisfaction. With small groups of colleagues, we examined our strengths and where there is room for improvement. One of the decisions that emerged from this process was to start working with team leads, so that there is more attention for employees. And that is how we approached a number of topics. This past fall, we took a moment to see how we were doing.”

“At Emotion, there is plenty of attention for vitality. We motivate our colleagues to exercise more by way a vitality program and every Tuesday night, we work out together.” – Raoul, Online Marketer

Two-way street

The official certification didn't exactly come out of the blue: we have invested a great deal of time and energy on this. Not only the management, but also the employees themselves. “It's a two-way street. We facilitate them in all kinds of ways, but we also expect something from them. To take matters into their own hands, to have the will to develop and get the best out of themselves, each other, and the clients.” And all of this gave us a score of 81%, which means that 81% of the questions were answered positively. The certificate is issued for achieving a score above 70%. Sylvia: “Our training options, openness and dedication were highly appreciated. And also valuable: we know what we need to focus more attention on in the time ahead. The work / private life balance, for example, and we want to make a greater social impact, in addition to our nul-vertisement.”

“Everyone gets a personal budget which they can freely spend on training or courses, for example. That's what makes Emotion a Great Place To Work, if you ask me” – Bernd, Project Manager

Super Proud

This kind of recognition is really rewarding. Although it doesn't mean that we can now automatically check off one of our most important goals. We continue to work on it. “It's also important to retain the certificate,” says Sylvia. “You enter into a commitment for three years during which you are evaluated every year. It is pretty unique that the certificate was awarded the first time out - that doesn’t happen often. We also aspire to being one of the top three best workplaces in 2024. But, for now: we are super proud of this great result!”